industrial strength bed

My take on a modern bed assembled without the need of nails/ screws etc, sure the japanese woodworkers and the arts and crafts movement have been doing this for thousands of years. but did they use industrial truck straps?

I made this around 2004, i have since seen designer made furniture using truck straps.

I made this with simple hand tools in an afternoon in dallas. laminated ply, square section fence posts and truck straps. all in costing a little over $100


  • could be designed to be a lot lighter this will be standing for hundreds of years.. maybe thats overkill? maybe not
  • it is a little squirrely to assemble, if it were a commercial product more care would be needed to make self assembly a breeze.
  • the truck straps could benefit from being recessed a little, they stick out, which i find raw and honest, but it may not be to everyones taste.


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