d300 water damage repair

I was under the impression that my d300 was moderately weather resistant, and it has coped with plenty of showers in its day, but it was no match for the torrential downpour it sustained on the Routeburn trail.

It failed to power up and being several days away from a screwdriver, there was little chance of getting it dried out before the corrosion started to set in. I looked up the selling prices on ebay, (only about $250) and decided it was worth a shot at fixing her. A little research / common sense and luck indicated that the dc power supply board was probably the culprit, its located at the bottom of the camera where water would pool, and the inability the to power up point to its fault. sure enough opening it up, the board was corroded beyond the point of replacing any small number of its components.

The replacement part was about $55 on ebay and required minimal disassembly  and soldering to replace. i expect the nikon service centers see a bunch of these repairs, its almost a sacrificial component.

A minimal amount of disassembly was required, i imagine most camera failures would be the dc board.
you can see the serious corrosion on the old board, the rest of the camera looks pretty clean though.


new board being soldered in place, no idea what the smiley face sticker is all about.

Once reassembled she fired up again as good as new. ill have to treat her better from now on.


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