coffee grinder modifications

We were shopping around for a good coffee grinder for our espresso rig.
We have begun roasting our own beans, which is saving money, but also opening the door to a wonderful world of caffeinated experimentation.
after being frustrated with tacky consumer grade grinders we settled on a Nuova Simonelli MDX
we got super cheap on craigslist.
only problem was it was gargantuan, and retained a bunch of ground coffee in its doser.

I shuffling around the electronics, i removed the base and replaced it with acrylic, and added a nice momentary toggle switch.
the enormous hopper was ditched in favor of just placing the necessary beans in the top for each grind, and capping it off with a little turned cap to stop the beans jumping everywhere when the motor is activated.
The only outstanding issue is the temporary chute ,made from plastic generates a bunch of static, propelling the grinds out of the portafilter all over the counter.
Once i get a tig welder ill make permanent stainless steel chute and hopefully eliminate the static in the process.



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