Digital readout

Digital readout

I am in the process of preparing for manufacture a device that will ingest the signals generated by various linear scales and tachometers and forward the data to a nice little android project via bluetooth or usb.

still incomplete, but here is the current state of the pcb design, this design is using an atmel 32u4 chip just like some arduino’s, but im thinking of adapting it to run on cypress’s psoc ble, as it is far more powerful and provides bluetooth right on the main chip.



here is a prototype being programmed with the avr dragon, i hand soldering all the surface mounted chips onto breakout boards and used wire wrap for the prototype, as a friend gave me his old tool box of equipment from the 80s. worked great.


I had to quickly learn solid works to mock up a custom case that can be injection molded. This is a work in progress but should enable me to manufacture a short run on techshop’s morgan injection molder.
version3_section version3

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