concept: remote controlled dog

Ive had a dog get clipped by a car in a park, partially due to being out of earshot (thankfully it was just a little bruised, but it got me thinking). The idea here was to create a remote controlled dog by attaching a little vibrating speaker module to its collar and sending voice commands from a phone, an android app is preloaded with a series of commands each recorded [“enthusiastic”,neutral”,”serious”,”very stern”] in tone. The commands a wirelessly sent to the collar speaker and initially cycle between enthusiastic or neutral, holding down a command vibrates more aggressively and rolls over to serious and very stern tones. To the uninformed it would look like a remote controlled dog.

little collar capsule containing radio, speaker, lithium battery and vibrator.
would need to be quick release and probably waterproof to accommodate bathing charging and unscheduled bedragglings.
A wireless bluetooth speaker works as a test bed for speaker selection. the little tablet speaker is the most promising yet.

future work:

  • Interestingly or perhaps obviously a speaker with minimal base response does not have any dog commanding authority.
  • bluetooth was used for testing, but does not have the range to be worthwhile, im experimenting with a 2.4ghz radio
  • the idea could be extended to be a training device, tracking if the dog sits, geo fence tracking if they stop at the side of a street, activating a snack feeder for positive reinforcement etc.
  • I love the idea of commanding several dogs up to a km away via tablet, some farmers already do this using whistling for very remote mustering.

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