techshop courses

The film industry is notoriously “variable”, I made the most of my down time by attending as many techshop courses as i could, Ive made it through most of them and logged a bunch of hours on many of the tools, mostly tig welding.

A little test of a wrench i need to secure my mill while i change chucks, this is ply but will eventually be steel cut with the waterjet.IMAG0658

IMAG0641 IMAG0657 IMAG0656 IMAG0654

My first shot at organic sheet metal. Its a slow and laborious task, but really gives you an appreciation of the skill involved in making and repairing classic cars.IMAG0629
Tig welding aluminium seemed like a great way to develop an appreciation of heat flow through a work. Ive had plenty of success with mig welding mild steel, but aluminium is another whole beast. Pictured is an early practice run, ive since sat around for hours just practicing little lengths in the hope that one day ill be a wizard. if you are fond of welding take a look at this product i saw at the 2013 augmented worlds conference: soldamatic augmented welding


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