concept full range rear loaded horn

This is a maybe flawed design of a line array of rear loaded horn speakers. not only is it large ( the length of the horn must be 1/4 of the wavelength of the frequency you wish to emphasize ) but i suspect it compromises all the good features of a full range speaker, whilst adding more complexity and expense than a traditional line array. Well, the only thing to do is to build them. when i have sufficient space to accommodate them.


One of the two molds required to built the speaker.
This one might be the easiest to understand. the driver sits in the front, behind it is the horn shaped kind of like a saxophone tuned to 48hz i believe.
Each element could be cast from two molds, and stacked alternating its port left, right, left…. the design should be very efficient.
In other news, i need to stop messing around with polygon modeling and start using solid modeling.
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