Half the tale of a near space sojourn


And that was that…

We received 3 updates via the spot tracking site. oddly the wind must have rotated 90 degrees from our calculations, which leading up  to the launch consistently had the balloon traveling east. ours went south west. extrapolating from the data we did receive, a touch down somewhere south of halfmoon bay would be probable. We hope that some day it shows up again but in the mean time, science two will have a bunch of improvements.


future work:

  • we need our own reliable aprs transmitter that isnt tied to any half baked third party network
  • perhaps a redundant gps enabled cell phone.
  • lithium batteries will reduce weight
  • the size of the package can be significantly reduced
  • i want to release a bunch of leds on sycamore rotors from near space. Im still tinkering with the best materials / geometry for them.

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